Private swimming pools

Concrete look fan pool

This new pool got a great shabby look with a 3D logo. There is also a matching translucent roll cover from pooldesign .

Greece pool

Thanks to our modular system, a brand-new white pool has received a subtle, timeless design. The individual elements were adapted to the shape of the pool.

Pretty in pink

That's what we call the courage to use color! This GfK pool is a real girl's dream. The sides are completely pink and a colorful, abstract pattern on the floor.

A touch of Greece

Our modular system also looks great in a small pool. Here is a special production on a smaller scale for a pool with internal stairs.

Noble & Chick

How do you transform a simple rectangular pool into a classy designer pool? With ready-made motif strips in silver-quartzite optics! This brand new pool is the absolute highlight in the family garden.